Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here are some more paintings from my painting class. Sad that class is over but I had a wonderful time in there! Next week when I finish up some logos and other things from classes ill post some more thanks for creepin'!

The painting below was an assignment that we had to remake a master painting and make it our own. I chose my favorite Gustav Klimt's Danae. Next post I am gonna post all my process work for it once i get the images together. 36'' x 40'' oil paint.
This one is probably my third figure painting I have ever done and I was very pleased with how it turned out, 6 hours, 24'' x 36'' oil paint
Still Life of childrens plastic toys. oil paint, and i forgot the dimensions :0
Portrait from life of a classmate named Nabil. oil paint and :o
This one we had to find a master painting of a room and rebuild the room in a shoe box, and then paint a still life of the room we built. I chose to do Egon Schiele's Room in Neulengbach. 30'' x 36'' oil paint.

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