Sunday, May 8, 2011

Figures and Really Big Birds

Here are two drawings from my sketchbook that I did of my friend Pat from Really Big Birds at one of his shows in Austin this past week. He is amazing you should definitely check out his music.

Here are some figures from the end of the school year and from some sessions at The Art Department here in Austin.


Monday, May 2, 2011


Here is a drawing of Townes Van Zandt I did from a photograph off one his albums that my friend Calvin wanted me to draw for him. The picture is on the video below, these are a couple of my favorite songs.

I told myself I didnt want another moleskine again, but I caved and got one cause the plain paper didn't like the paint as much! And the book is just convenient to carry around, but anywho here is a few pages from the new one. I plan on drawings a ton in it over summer!

This is my friend Chucky, does photography, click his name to enjoy his tumblr.

Here is The Rum Diary cover without the text on it, I like it better without it cause I am terrible with type but working on it! Summer is here now time to get busy with new stuff!