Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Recent Work

Here is some stuff I have been working on. New news is I got a job working for The Collegian, which is the newspaper for Tarrant County Community College, but I have been doing the cartoons/illustrations for them. It is new and different, but I am really enjoying it so far cause its getting me an opportunity to see what having an illustration job is like. The three illustrations in the middle was for the recent and past newspaper editions. The two paintings done in oil, the top one is for my grandparents and is 24 x 36. The bottom one is little Ozzy and is 36 x 48. I have been trying to keep up with my personal paintings and trying to experiement with new things I haven't tried before and I feel like its working and letting me find my "voice" a little better. I also finished up my sketchbook which is nice, I can't wait to start up a new one. That's all folks.


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